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Hongming Machinery own products What are the advantages!

1 , exclusive patent : National initiative to fill gaps in the market , demand broad absolute unique market advantage ;

2 , widely used: to adapt to different wall materials truthfully bricks, sand bricks, hollow bricks , aerated brick , cement covered walls, wall studs , etc. ;

3 , easy operation : simple operation, a person can easily operate , easy to move ; break halfway , just turn off the power without removing the body , still hanging on the wall safe and will not fall, more worry and effort ;

4 , a molding : Rapid automatic grooving a shape, without any aids and second step , grooving depth of random control ;

5 is rotatably : Different angle adjustable , sleek, with the required line , 45 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees rotation can be slotted with ease ;

6 , high-efficiency ratio: grooving in one step, with the traditional way of playing slots efficiency ratio was 50:1 , significantly reducing manpower, time and other construction costs ;

7 , abrasion tool : strength alloy steel blade, can be used repeatedly polished 40 times , cutting costs only 1-3 cents / m, disassembly is simple ;

8 , Health and Environment: Host cutting dust is granular, low-speed no dust , the dust is small when grooving , reduce pollution, and is equipped with industrial dust and auxiliary machinery, strong de-noising to dust , minimizing dust on the construction and installation personal injury , more humanity ;

9 , Easy to use: simple structure practical, no professional can be demolished , polishing, maintenance ;

10 , goggles, aids random packing , the whole motorcycle can easily carry ;

11 , Carton protection , professional , storage capacity of more reasonable and more convenient ;

12 , anti- self-locking push button mechanical structure more in line with the human body ;

13 , depth adjustable depth guide rollers can be adjusted on demand .

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